Benty Sandy Coffee Scent 10L


Ocean Scented.

Excellent odour control.

Fast and strong clumping.

99,5% Dust-Free.

Easy Scooping

Does not stick to paw.

Natural and Healthy.

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white bentonite cat litter

thanks to the components of the natural white calcium bentonite mineral;

high liquid absorption capacity.

strong clumping provides easy cleaning

it incarcerate bad odors and prevents displeasing odors when cleaned regularly.

with special granule size dispersion, it sticks less to the paws and less scattered.

minimizes flying dust rate by the quality of bentonite mine and production technology

aroma gives your home an extra refreshment.

it provides a hygienic and safe environment for your cats and your family thanks to its structure that prevents bacteria from reproducing.

it is economical thanks to its long-term use.