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Biosand Carbon 10L


BioSand Active Carbon is a truly innovative product, an efficient, artificial, mineral litter that includes active carbon microgranules inside, which inhibit bad odours.

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Whit its excellent absorbing capability, and the strong deodorizing power, this litter is an extraordinary product, offering high quality, long duration and low maintenance (for one cat: clean every 2-3 days, change every 10-15 days).

Pack 10L
Granule size 1-5 mm
Water absorption >150%
Apparent density 0,5 kg/L
Free silica crystal <0,5%

Pack / Pallet 135
Pallet size LxDxH (cm) 80x120x155
Pallet weight  (kg) 770

Pack / CONTAINER Pallet 108
Pallet size LxDxH (cm) 114x114x105
Pallet weight (kg) 620