CatZone Baby Powder 5 K

150.00EGP 135.00EGP

If your cat is sensitive to bacteria or has a health problem, this product is suitable with your cat. This reducing bacteria and preventing bad odours cat litter is the best choice ever for you and your cat.

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Product Features:

  • Category Type: Litter
  • Species: Cats
  • Product Weight: 5 Kg
  • Age Baby: Up to 2 month
  • Age Kitten: UP to 12 month
  • Details: 100% Natural white bentonite. Eliminates germs and prevents bad smell. 99.9% dust free. Perfect odour control and long lasting. Superior liquid absorption capacity. Instant and strong clumping. 0,6 2.25mm compact granules.
150.00EGP 135.00EGP