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Catmania Cat Litter Extra Clumping – Fresh Scent 7 Kg


Clumping&Odour control.

Eliminates Bad Odours.

Perfectly Clumping.

99,5% Dust free.

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Fast Clumping Perfomance
Clumps in 3 seconds and locks bad odours. It clumps firmly before liquid reaches the bottom of the litter box and will not fall apart, no more sticky litter box.

Multiple odour traps
The Grey Sodium  Bentonite Cat Litter  particles can better capture feces and urine. Homogenic particles  has many micro-holes that absorb odour perfetcly.  Thanks to very high absorption capacity that gives long lasting usage.

Dust Free Cat Litter
Natural Sodium Bentonite Cat litter provides an excellent performance for dust-free product. why, how does he manage it? Thanks to its very high plasticity … It provides high plasticity due to its wonderfully determined grain size mineral property and prevents dusting caused by friction.

super compact granules for better and well-shaped clumping.

Natural Bentonite for perfect odour control

Long lasting economical usage.

99,5% Dust free, non tracking cat litter.

superior absorption capacity.

Easy to use – easy to clean.