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Catmania Unscented 10L


Some people like simplicity, they want what they have to stay as it was first received. This also applies to cats. Catmania Unscented Cat litter does not contain any additives. The only thing it has are the great properties provided by the mineral Bentonite, which is a miracle of nature. We call this the power of simplicity.

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Activated carbon acts like a molecular sponge: its microporosity makes it an exceptional natural filter able to develop a specific surface of 2500 m² per gram. This means that 3 grams of activated carbon develop an absorption surface as big as a football pitch!

Eliminates Bad Odours

low-dust content formula, does not track

Perfect Clumping

Fast, high performance clumping

%99.5 Dust Free

With 99.5% dust free feature


Unscented clumping clay cat litter