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CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

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The complete training kit comes with….

  • Specially Designed Training Seat
  • Training Insert
  • Training Guide
  • Insider Tip Card
  • CitiNip – premium catnip
  • Access to Training Forum *NEW*
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Our kitty is almost finished being toilet trained, although we have had a few hiccups, she has adjusted fairly well. At first we had to put less than the recommended amount of litter in the pan because she would scoop it out and there would be litter on the floor. After about two weeks though she had stopped. The overall use of the product was great, it is very sturdy. It comes with a second pan incase you need to go back a step and I am so thankful it does, we had to use it a couple of times. Overall would definitely recommend, so much more eco-friendly and cost efficient.


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175.00EGP 157.50EGP

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