Dupy Gatos Cat 20K


Made in Spain

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Dupy Gatos with (Dietary Dissolution) is the best dry food for a healthy urinary system for your cat as it contains citric acid which acts as an acidifier that acidifies the urinary media which prevents the formation of alkaline stone also known as struvite stone and oxalate stone. Also citric acid acts as an antioxidant that prevents tissue damage. In further details that make dupy your best complete healthy option; dupy contains the best urinary system remedies such as orange which has a diuretic effect so most of the sediment goes away. Also, dupy contain ascorbic acid which is essential for tissue growth, wound healing and act as an antioxidant. Normally diets like Dupy (Dietary Dissolution) are designed to dissolve struvite and can also be used for stone prevention.


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