Kippy Dog Pate Salmon carrots 400g


Kippy Adult Dogs Pâté – Salmon Carrots Dog Food 400g

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For dogs over 10 months of all breeds

Protein: 12%

Fat: 7%

Rich in magnesium

With vitamins A, D and E.

400 g

Dog food KIPPY lamb, salmon and carrots in canned form. Origin: VBBSRL Italy.
For dogs over 10 months of age of all breeds.Rich in magnesium, which forms a healthy muscular system of pets.
INGREDIENTS: lamb, salmon, carrots, oil, vitamins, trace elements.
ANALYTICAL INGREDIENTS: Humidity - 77%, crude protein - 12%, crude fat - 7%, crude ash - 2.5%, crude fiber - 0.5%.
ADDITIVES: vitamin A 3000 MO, vitamin D3 350 NA, vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol 91%) 40 mg, magnesium 55 mg, zinc 16 mg, copper 0.1 mg.
It does not contain dyes or preservatives, bone meal, animal, vegetable and grain offal.
RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE: 30 g per 1 kg of dog weight.


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