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Miglior gatto Chunks with chicken &Turkey 405g


It is canned cat food containing chicken meat and turkey meat, which provides a balanced diet with its unique taste for cats, its content is created with high quality raw materials. Miglior Gatto cat canned food is formulated according to your cat’s taste. The materials used in it are formulas prepared by veterinarians and your cat’s health is at the forefront. It does not contain any additives that will harm your cat.

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Contents of Food
Meat and its by-products, cereals, fish and fish derivatives  4.3% salmon, mineral substances, colorants in accordance with European Union standards.

Moisture 80%, crude protein 7.50%, fat 6.00%, fiber 1.00%, ash 3.00%, vitamin D3 200 ie/kg, vitamin E 5 mg/kg, copper sulfate 2 mg/kg.

Daily Consumption Amount
For cats weighing 1 kg or less, 200 g should be consumed,

For cats weighing 1 to 2 kg, consuming 250 g,

For cats between 2 – 3 kg, 300 g should be consumed,

For cats weighing 3 – 4 kg, it is recommended to consume 400 g.

After opening, it should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within a maximum of 3 days.