Omni Guard Shampoo Anti Parasitic For cats and dogs 60ml

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  • Omni Guard Anti-parasitic Shampoo targets all types of pests and their offspring, including fleas, ticks, lice, larvae, eggs and more. This frees you from having to use a separate shampoo to get rid of certain parasites.
  • Made in Egypt.

Prepare your dog for a refreshing bathing experience with Omni Guard Pet Anti-Parasite Shampoo. Its anti-parasitic formula kills all types of pests and their proliferation, including ticks, fleas, caterpillars, lice and more. Omni Guard Pet Shampoo is designed for both cats and dogs, so you can use the same shampoo for all your pets if you are a cat and dog lover. The formula has an appropriate pH balance to maintain the sheen of the coat. Provides rich hydration for soft and smooth coat.

Eliminates all parasites