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petnature puppy 3k

  • For puppy all breeds
  • European quality product
  • protein 30% fat 14%
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6
  • Digest Health‎:‎ High digestibility&Palatability
  • Joint Health
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Cereals ‎(‎rice min‎.‎ 15%‎)‎‎,‎ meat and by‎-products of animal origin ‎(‎chicken min‎.‎ l7%‎)‎‎,‎ fish and fish by‎-products‎,‎ oils and fats‎,‎ vegetable by‎-products‎,‎ yeast ‎(‎source of mannan‎-oligosaccharides‎)‎ and minerals‎.‎

Nutritional value‎:‎

Crude protein 30‎,‎0%

Crude fat 14‎,‎0%

Crude fibres 1‎,‎9%

Crude ashes 6‎,‎2%

Moisture 10‎,‎0%

Calcium 1‎,‎2%

Phosphorus 1‎,‎0%

Additives – Vitamins‎,‎ provitamins‎,‎ and chemically well defined substances of similar effect‎:‎

Vitamin A ‎(‎E672‎)‎ 22.000 UI

Vitamin D‎-3 ‎(‎E671‎)‎ 1.500 UI

Vitamin E ‎(‎alpha‎-tocopherol‎)‎ 120 mg

Oligoelements or compositions of oligoelements‎:‎ 

E1 iron ‎(‎mono‎-hydrate iron sulphate‎)‎ 250‎,‎0 mg/kg

E2 iodine ‎(‎anhydride calcium iodate‎)‎ 0‎,‎4 mg/kg

E4 copper ‎(‎pentahydrate copper sulphate‎)‎ 15‎,‎0 mg/kg

E5 manganese ‎(‎manganese oxide‎)‎ 3‎,‎0 mg/kg

E6 zinc ‎(‎ zinc sulphate monohydrate‎;‎ chelate Gly‎-Met‎)‎ 150‎,‎0 mg/kg

E8 selenium ‎(‎sodium selenite‎)‎ 0‎,‎3 mg/kg Antioxidants‎:‎

E320 150‎,‎0 mg/kg Omega 3 2‎,‎3 g/kg

Omega 6 0‎,‎45 g/kg Metabolizable energy