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Sanicat Classic Cat Litter 30L

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Sanicat Classic is suitable for controlling the odor from your cat’s needs. Sanicat sand for cats is made with 100% natural products of the highest quality.
Fragrance Free.
Low Tracking.
No Dusto.
Oxygen Odour Control.

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Due to its high absorbing properties for the sand Sanicat cats controls odors naturally and facilitates cleaning tasks. The cat litter is pleasant to the touch to take care of the paws of your pet and fully respects the environment. Characteristics: · Natural product of sepiolite. · 100% absorption power. · Prevents odors. · Excellent value for money.   Felines advice – Pour in the tray about 3cm product. – Periodically remove the stool to increase the duration of sand. – Note that when the sand starts to smell, even a little, it’s time to renew any product. – Deposit the product used in a garbage bag and rinse the pan with soap and water before refilling.