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Vita Day Dry Food For Cats 20KG


vitaDay Croccantini is a tasty food that guarantees the perfect supply of all the nutritional factors necessary for a harmonious growth and for the maintenance of your cat.

Made in Italy.


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* Vita Day Croccantini does not require other food additions.

In its formulation are inserted noble raw materials and in the integration there are some minerals in chelated (protected) form to stimulate the immune defenses of the cat.

* The constant use of Vita Day Croccantini allows you to have a cat always in shape, with a beautiful shiny coat and a wonderful vitality, even in old age.

* Instructions for correct use:

The crunches can be served either dry or moistened with water.

If given dry, always leave a fresh and clean bowl of water at the cat’s disposal.

kittens cat : (from 2-10 months):30-80 g.

Adult cats : 70-90 g.

Pregnant cats : 90-120 g.

cats feeding litters : 140-200 g.

* Composition:

Composition crunchy mix: ,Cereal (min 8%) , Meats and derivatives (beef 8% min.), By-products of vegetable origin, Extracts of vegetable proteins, Vegetables (4%), Oils and fats, Fishes and by-products of fish, Mineral substances .

* Analytical components:

Crude protein: 29%; Crude oils and fats: 9%; Crude fiber: 3%; Crude ash: 9%.

Nutritional additives

Vitamin A: 20,600 IU / kg; Vitamin D3: 800 IU / kg; Vitamin E: 80 mg / kg; ; E2 Iodine: 0.5 mg / kg; ; E6 Zinc: 13 mg / kg;

* Technological additives:


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