Royal Canin fiber response 400g


Royal Canin – Fibre Response Cats Dry Food 400 gm.

Royal Canin Fibre Response is a balanced and complete food for adult cats with fibre related digestive problems. Efficient digestion is essential for energy and efficient growth. Reductions in digestion or absorption of food can therefore affect more than just your cat’s stomach and intestines. Conditions can be short term and long term, and can be managed by controlling food intake.

Royal Canin’s formula contains nutrients that support a balanced digestive system. A specific combination of dietary fibre in each kibble helps to facilitate intestinal transit and aid digestive absorption. Fibre Responsive can also offer nutritional support in cases of acute or chronic constipation.

Royal Canin Fibre Response Feline is available in available in 2kg and 4kg bags especially formulated for cats.

Royal Canin VD Feline FIBER RESPONSE is a dry feed for cats with intestinal disorders. The combination of highly digestible proteins (LIP proteins), prebiotics (fructo-oligosaccharides and oligosaccharides), rice and fish oil contributes to digestive support. Reduced fat content helps reduce the


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