Nunbell CatNip 150ml


Nunbell Catnip 150ml

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Nunbell Catnip 150ml contains Catnip Oil and essential oil found at the root of the catnip, which is extremely attractive to cats and has a soothing effect. * Stimulates the play center of the cat’s central nervous system, making it calm and happy. * In addition to providing relaxation by satisfying the need for play, it also reduces the need to go out. * Can be used for training * Due to the scent of herbs in its content it excites most cats and encourages their play instinct. Product use: * Before using catnip, pour it on desired area, toy, scratching pad or carrying bag from a distance of 15-20 cm * Wait a few minutes until its full effect appears *Applicable to cat toys to play actively and exercise, *On items in living spaces for shy cats to relax and for cats to get to know each other smoothly, *Can be applied to the cat carrying case to reduce and calm anxiety while travelling with your cat. Warnings: * It is recommended to keep it closed.